Dig In The Cherry Bowl For Best Sleep & Health

It is no secret, if you are a regular reader, that I focus on the topic of sleep quite a bit (like here and here and here to be exact). Yes, a tiny bit obsessed I am as I struggle with getting quality sleep a lot of the time and it is a very critical component of living the healthy life. Thus, anytime I hear of a study on it or any tips people want to share, I pretty much screech to a halt, whip my head around and lean in.

During one of those "leaning in" episodes, I learned of some new information that may help fellow insomniacs about a favorite fruit - cherries  - and their possible impact on our sleep.  But, before I even get to that, did you know that cherries (fresh or frozen) already have a lot of other great health benefits, too?

Dig into that bowl of cherries to keep your body in great health! Low in calories but high in health benefits for your heart, your brain, and your waistline!  Tap here for all the details. (TheHealthMinded.com) #health

Reasons Why You Should Hit The Cherry Bowl

Reaching for a handful of cherries to improve your health is a smart move.  And, here is why I say that:

Cherries are small but mighty brain disease fighters.  Like I said - a smart idea to dig in the cherry bowl as research points to cherries as reducing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and Huntington's disease.

They are a dieter's dream.  They are low in calories with only 77 calories in one whole cup with two grams of fiber (not bad) and loads of vitamin C.


Shortcuts to Eliminate Plastic Health Risks

Plastics were supposed to make our lives easier.  And, they certainly have in a lot of ways.  But, now, they have actually made our lives a little more complicated.  Some of the components in them, as it turns out, are not good for us to be exposed to, and the labeling of plastic ingredients is not required in all cases, making it complicated to maneuver around plastic usage choices.  And those plastics create a huge complicated heap in our landfills, too. Yes, not so easy after all, but I am here to help filter through all that. Read on!

Plastic is everywhere and in everything! But, as miraculous as it can be, some plastics may pose health risks. Tap here to find out which ones do and how to easily avoid them in your everyday life! (TheHealthMinded.com) #health

Plastic and Why It May Harm

Plastic has been around a while. In fact, the first manmade plastic made an appearance in 1855. But it was not until after World War I, that improvements in chemical technology led to an explosion of them. Mass production began around the 1940s and 1950s. And we have never looked back. Plastic is everywhere and it is in everything:  textiles, bottles and jars, food packaging, toys, receipts, electronics, cars and trucks, and plumbing parts to name a few.

But, as miraculous as they can be, in more recent years, information like this has shed some light on some not so miraculous ways suspect components of plastics like bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates can possibly harm us. Scan on down and see what I mean:
  • BPA acts as a synthetic estrogen that could disrupt the human hormone system, causing various health effects, some of them very serious.
  • Phthalates may cause a wide range of adverse health problems including liver, kidney and lung damage as well as reproductive system and sexual developmental abnormalities.
  • Phthalates have also been classified as a probable human carcinogen.


Protecting Yourself The Best Way From Lyme Disease

With the exception of the spotted ladybug or even a fuzzy caterpillar, I would rather not encounter bugs too often.  However, they are part of our ecosystem, our planet earth, and we must learn to coexist.

Bugs can certainly cause annoyance at a outdoor event or a relaxing picnic with their stingers and venom and germs, but there is a particular nasty specimen that I am focusing on here that can seriously affect your long-term health - the tick.  Please come along and get properly introduced - it is a combatant you really need to know more about.

Spending time outside is great for our spirits and our health! But, make sure to follow these simple precautions to avoid ticks and the diseases they carry to keep you and your family safe. (TheHealthMinded.com) #health

Two Tick Types To Especially Avoid

Allow me to clarify that the tick is not an insect, but a parasite.  Further, they are classified as an arachnid with eight legs, rather than the six-legged insect. They also do not have wings or antennae like insects, either.  But there are over 800 different species of them, and insect or arachnid, they can spell trouble and here are two bullies in the crowd with a bit about each and why you need to stay clear:

1.  Deer ticks:  They are tiny - the size of a pencil point and brown.  They are primarily found in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the United States.  All ticks can carry various diseases and cause potential harm; however, the deer tick is the one that carries Lyme Disease.

2.  Dog ticks:  They are larger than the deer tick.  They are the size of a pencil eraser and have a white collar. Although they do not carry Lyme Disease, they can carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a serious complication.


Easily Make Your Next Breakfast Crazy Good, Crazy Healthy

If you think about it, in many cases, eating healthy can be ridiculously easy! And, a good portion of healthy food is ridiculously delicious as well. Really, there is little need to groan and fuss over preparing healthy goods. Let me show you.  Scroll on down for a quick example of what I mean.

Amp your breakfast and begin your day right with this crazy good, crazy easy, super healthy way to eat oats loaded with health benefits! (TheHealthMinded,com) #healthyrecipe

Starting your day off with a filling, energy producing, super nutritious choice just makes sense.  And, sure, we want it to taste good and not take forever to prepare either.  Well, I have crazy good . . . crazy healthy and . . . crazy easy right here that my family and I love to start our day off with and maybe you, too.

Crazy Quick Steel Cut Oats

Before we get to the toppings that really are the nutrition super stars of this morning start-up, here is some brief information on steel cut oats and why I choose them over rolled oats:
  • They are less processed than rolled oats and less processed food is usually a better choice all around.
  • Steel cut oats are lower on the Glycemic Index keeping our blood sugar levels at better levels.
  • The taste is superior to rolled oats.
  • They reheat beautifully and not gummy like rolled oats.


Health Plans: 23 Ways To Reduce Stress & Enjoy Life More

 This is a part of a monthly column, Health Plans, to help you become an organized ninja when it comes to your health.  I write once a month on a different area of your life to help you get and stay organized for your best health. Please check out other months' plans, too, and come along with us to become your organized healthy self.
Life can certainly throw a lot our way!  And, we may even wonder how we can possibly juggle ONE MORE THING.  That is . . . until the NEXT THING pops up and tosses itself into the mix.  Despite the juggling act, we really are rather well-equipped to handle quite a bit of stress, but that continued, never-ending type of stress that keeps our minds and our bodies in a constant state of alert for long periods of time can sneak up and cause some serious damage.  Maybe even so without you even realizing it!

Go ahead and make some room to relax a bit more and stress a lot less. Tap here to see how stress hurts your health and how to easily counteract the effects. (The HealthMinded.com) #health

You may not be able to eliminate or even decrease your level of responsibilities so easily, but you can make some better choices to counteract the strain.  It is possible to escape it, even for a brief period, and give yourself (and your body) a break rather easily.  I have some great ideas for you to easily do that, but first let's learn a bit more about what that constant type of stress with no let-up can do. But, prepare yourself. . .  I am afraid it isn't good.

Stress And How It Affects Your Mind, Your Body

Experiencing stress is natural!  We wouldn't grow or learn without it.  And, as I said earlier, we are designed to handle it well.  In fact, our bodies respond to stress by releasing hormones, increasing our heart and breathing rates, providing more oxygen to the brain - all giving us the ability to respond well to a demanding situation.  Amazing, really! 

Our everyday pressures at home and at work and even much bigger stresses of loss, big life events or changes, or even traumatic events can keep our stress levels elevated far longer though. And, that type of chronic stress reaction can do this to us:

Your mood and relationships can change.  Common symptoms of chronic stress include irritability, anxiety, depression and even social withdrawl. Throw in there some headaches and certainly sleeping difficulties, too.  And, some may even respond with overconsumption of alcohol, drug use, overeating or not eating enough.


Health News: The Latest Skinny (July 2015)

Get comfortable and check out these health news links I spotted for you this month! They just may give you the edge to design your optimal health!

Stay up-to-date with useful and fun wellness news to make your health its very best!  Great links from how and why to keep your brain sharp, toys to avoid and why to jump in a hot bath! (The Health-Minded.com) #health

Links to Your Health

Tap on these links of interesting wellness beats you may not have caught this month:

1.  You won't believe this: just gazing in the mirror could provide a daily check-up sometime soon!

2.  I suppose we could simply call these sympathy pounds for future dads.


Farmers' Market Mini-Guide: Creating A Great Shopping Experience

Make your shopping experience at your local farmers' market the best with these great tips to tap into! (The Health-Minded.com) #health

For myself, I might even classify going to the farmers' market as an event! Eating locally carries health and environmental advantages certainly, but actually shopping there where you can connect with the growers and farmers is in a class of intangible benefits all on its own.

I like the energy at farmers' markets as well as the relaxed atmosphere.  I enjoy the fact it is outdoors and there is often a band playing of some kind. I like seeing what is in season that week and learning why the farmers choose to grow what they do and how to best prepare it.  I go to the regular food markets as well during the week, but I do like to patronize the locals where I can.  Somehow, the experience at the farmers market is just nicer than stacking items on a conveyer belt and scanning a bar code.

There are plenty more reasons to go to your local farmers' market listed further below as well as some other bits of guidance to make your experience valuable and worth coming back for week after week! Scan on down and don't miss the links of other great bits, too, to help you get the most out of your time there.

Let this mini-guide to shopping at farmers' markets help you make your experience your best! Why go, what to bring, questions to ask growers and more! (The Health-Minded.com) #health #shopping

Why You Should Make a Habit of Going to Your Local Farmers' Market

Besides that big "feel good" benefit, there are plenty of other reasons to consider heading over to your local market or even buying from a community grower. Look at some of these reasons that can benefit you, your community and others:


Natural Beauty: Summer Care For Gorgeous Hair

The sun, the breeze and that salt-water air -- nothing beats a day at the beach to rejuvenate oneself! But, it is anything BUT rejuvenating to our hair!  All those natural elements can make those silky strands more like straw.  And, if you use blow dryers, hair straighteners, colorants or other products, as well, they only add to the detrimental effects.

The sun, salt-water and chlorine can really damage those locks! Tap here for easy, natural ways to keep that head of hair shiny and silky all summer long.  (The Health-Minded.com) #beauty #health

It only takes a few easy measures to protect that beautiful head of hair, though. Come take a peek and find out what you can do to keep your hair bouncy and full of life before, during and after time at the beach.

How To Keep Your Hair Shiny and Lush in the Summer

I wrote about foods to pack to eat at the beach to protect your skin, but here are a few other things to throw in your bag as well as some healthy strategies to follow, too, to keep your hair shiny and lush:


Kitchen Towel Tricks For Making Superior Meals

Something you will find in almost every kitchen - well-equipped or not -- is a kitchen towel or two.  In my case, there are too many to count! I have a whole drawer of them as I rarely toss them, keeping the older and rattier ones for certain messier jobs like some of those listed further down and my nicer ones to display.  But, kitchen towels aren't just for clean-up time - they are a great little sidekick to making your meal prep easier and a lot tastier, too.  Come check out these simple tricks to do just that and a bit of advice on how to best care for them as well to prevent spreading unwanted illness at your house!

Those humble kitchen towels can be your best secret to great meals and do so much more than drying dishes! Grab them now for your easiest meal prep and much tastier recipes with these tips.! (The Health-Minded.com) #health #cooking

10 Great Uses For Kitchen Dish Towels 

Get skillful with those humble towels and try some of these tricks to make your meal prep easier as well as tastier:
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