Health News: The Latest Skinny (February 2015)

Learn the latest health news, studies and developments that could affect you and your family. (The Health-Minded.com) #health #news

I gather a monthly array of studies, trends, developments and otherwise newsy stuff . . . all for you! Right here. Each month. For your health.  Let's go see what they are all about.

Links to Your Health

Come take a look at the health bits I have gathered for you for February:

1.  Google is launching a new product to answer the one in 20 internet Searches that are for health-related information What do you think?

2.  I wrote about superbugs here and the danger they pose to every single one of us.  And, I am sad to report here they are creating many dire infections at a west coast hospital.


Refrigerator Door Shape-Up: Healthy Condiments To Keep Around

Open your fridge and review what's in the door! Healthy condiments-what to pile, squirt, splatter and spoon all over! (The Health-Minded.com) #health #food

Open that refrigerator door and witness the good, the bad and the little bit ugly.  I am referring to those jars and bottles and otherwise smallish containers of sauces, toppings, dressings, jams, jellies, and whatnots that fill the side doors of your largest kitchen appliance. Go ahead and open your door and see what's in there. Then, come along and see how they stack up.

Condiment Considerations

Before we peek in those jars, here are two general points regarding those side-door inhabitants:

1.  Condiments count.  The calories in them count just like other calories in other foods you may be counting. Depending on how much you spoon on, they can add up.  At the same time, the nutrients in them add up, too.

2.  Condiments can boost health in an indirect way.  Although some condiments have lots of healthy goodness, in general, they are not classified as a superfood.  They can certainly make foods that are already nutrient-dense taste even more flavorful, though, and therefore causing one to eat MORE of that superfood. How's that for a strategy with picky eaters?


Mind Your P's and Z's: How Much Sleep You Need

How much sleep is needed each night to stay healthy? (The Health-Minded.com) #health #sleep #wellness

The story of Goldilocks and the three bears comes to mind when I read about a study on the perfect amount of sleep we should aim for each night. Too little? Nope. Not good. Too much? Not much better! And, there is more. The "just right" amount of sleep can chase away heart disease and a variety of other diseases, too. So, where do you fall in this spectrum of blissful slumber? How many hours do you rack up each night? Come take a look to see where you fall.

I wrote about creating a bedtime routine here to help you sleep as well as creating a restful spot to do that in as well. Okay. I even wrote about avoiding jet lag here. Yes, perhaps I am a bit obsessed with getting sleep! But, I am well aware that sleep is an important part of living the healthy life that we talk so much about here at The Health-Minded. Sleep is something I struggle with at times, so, the study intrigued me and I had to share.


10 Ways to Banish The Winter Doldrums

10 ways to banish the winter doldrums and look forward to spring! (The Health-Minded.com) #health #mood

I noted on the calendar this weekend that the first day of Spring is officially about five weeks away. And, let me tell you . . .





How about you? Do you find this last stretch - the last weeks of winter - to be the hardest to make it through?  I enjoy the change of seasons, I really do! But perhaps some a wee bit more than others.

Yes, I will throw my doors open and let that fresh spring air in, watch the first daffodils and crocus pop up and hit the farmer's market for the new produce in town to start creating lighter dishes.

Well, we can't change the thermometer readings but the mindset, we can!  After all,  it will only make the arrival of of spring that much sweeter if we can tough it out a little longer!


Natural Beauty: 5 Tips for Nails The Healthy Way

How to care for your nails the healthy way! Great tips for easy, beautiful, healthy nails. (TheHealthMinded.com) #beauty #health

I am a mother of daughters - daughters that will tell you I am forever preaching to them to toss the chemical-laden beauty products and look at the many alternatives. I am happy to report, my message is sinking in . . . slowly, but surely.  They now tell ME about more natural ways to take care of my skin and new natural products to try.  (Did I tell you how much I love having daughters? I do, I really, really do! Especially MY two daughters. They are a delight!)

This post on nail care may seem intended more for the ladies, and true, most of the five tips have to do with those that wear polish, but guys, there is a tip or two in here for you, too. I know you want healthy, nice looking hands, as well.  After all, I've spotted a few gentlemen at the salon getting a mani/pedi over the past few months. (But, I won't name names. The secret is safe with me, boys! I won't tell your Thursday night poker game buddies!)

How to Take Care of Your Nails Au Naturel . . . or almost

The hands can tell a story for both men and women.  They are constantly in view and exposed to the elements. They can take a beating and even indicate a health condition or two. But, here are a few simple ideas to keep them looking their best without all the scary stuff:


Where to Find Art To Inspire You And Enhance Your Mood

Where to find great sources for inexpensive art to improve your mood (TheHealthMinded.com) #art #health #mood

Imagine we are at your place. Are there empty, lonely, white walls? Or, do I see arresting, inspiring, meaningful images on them of various shapes or color. Or, . . .  something in between? There are few changes you can make to your space that are stronger than the art you choose for it. It speaks loudly and clearly. So, what so you want it to say?

But, this is a healthy lifestyle blog. What does art have to do with living the healthy life? A lot, actually.

I made the connection between your environment and your health and how the design of your space can have a big impact on your mood here. You can check out the steps I walk you through to help you make that space of yours a true reflection of you. When your place reflects who you are and what stage of life you are in, it is more authentic and supports your needs. And, the art you choose for your home, your office has the unique power to create significant effects on your frame of mind, impacting your mood, your life, and yes, even your health.


How To Shop Smarter And Make The Healthiest Choices

How to shop smarter, read food labels and make the healthiest choices! (TheHealthMinded.com) #health #shopping

All those food labels in the grocery store? Well, maybe they could be too much of a good thing! I am all for being an informed consumer and we all must be, especially when it comes to what we put in our bodies and serve to our families.  But, it is not as easy as it sounds.  Just when you think you got it down, five more new food labels or eating trends pop up and you're right back at the starting line.

So, let's try to clear that up a bit. Here are some of the more common labels I see. Take a peek and see what I learned about them:


Health Plans/February: How To Design Your Home To Improve Your Outlook, Your Health

How to design a home to improve your mood, your helath (via TheHealtlhMinded.com) #design, health, mood, mentalhealth

This is a monthly column, Health Plans, to help you become an organized ninja when it comes to your health.  I write once a month on a different area of your life to help you get and stay organized for your best health. Please check out other months' plans, too, (here) and come along with us to become your organized healthy self.

Can a building and what is contained in it have the power to transform your mood, your health? I certainly think so!

Here's a small example of what I mean: Although I have been to the National Gallery of Art many times, when I was there a few months ago with friends, the person that went in that building was not the one that came out.

I was rather heavyhearted that day over saying good-bye to someone I cherish (my daughter off to college), but after spending the morning in that beautiful space with such inspiring architecture and light, surrounded by such talent, I came out with my spirit boosted. Although nothing can compare to time with my family, the superstructure of the building and the works of art and all the emotion they conveyed elevated me enough to start shaking my case of the blues.


My Effortless Method To Clean All Your Brushes in 5 Minutes

5 effortless minutes to clean all your brushes for better health (via TheHealthMinded.com) #health #cleaning #beauty

You could safely classify me as a clean freak. (My family is nodding their heads affirmatively, certainly.) I have written about the topic before: cleaning to avoid the flu herecleaning your air here, cleaning your bathroom here . . .well you get the idea.  I suppose it wouldn't hurt to cover my incredibly easy way to clean all your brushes, too. Why not?

It may seem overkill, but those brushes you use daily to brush your hair, your teeth, your body, your face, and your dishes deserve a little attention on a regular basis. They can get overlooked. So, let's easily fix that!
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