8 Organic Foods To Choose Now & Why You Should Care

That fresh produce filling your basket and cart is always a great choice to center your meals around at home, but pesticide residue can really complicate that choice, too.  Hold on, though! There is lots of research to help regarding which fruits and vegetables contain the most . . . and the least . . . amount of pesticide on our foods. And, if pesticides are not a concern for you, you can read a bit about it (and more here too) before making a final call. The jury is still out on the effects to our bodies, but, I say, play it safe and try your very best to choose at least the most sprayed foods organic, when possible.

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Which Summer Produce You Really Should Choose Organic and Why

More and more food producers are growing foods organically and I see organic produce often from the smallest of road stands to major grocery retailers, too. More people are seeking it and the growers are listening.  Look at these pointers to keep in mind regarding those organic food choices:

Give local farmers a chance.  In some cases, locally-sourced food from conscientious farmers is better than commercially produced organic food, even when the farmers can't afford the high cost for USDA certification. Your local farmer may be going over and beyond what the USDA requires to be labeled as organic. Talk to your growers!  Here are some questions to ask them regarding their growing practices to ensure pesticides are not used.


What to Drink Before Bed to Detox and Sleep Great

No denying that I appreciate my morning coffee. In fact, I wrote about my adoration here as well as some things I like to put in it to amplify it healthiness here, but tea, has a place in my heart, too, and I hope in yours as well.

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Plain iced black tea with lemon, especially in the summer, is a favorite way for me to stay hydrated a large part of the day,  But, my tea affection does not end there. Let me share my nighttime appreciation for some other tea leaves that I use to wind down and signal the nighttime slow down.

Why Herbal Teas Are a Great Choice at Night

Best pivot carefully away from any caffeinated foods and drinks come mid-afternoon to avoid sleep disturbances. Reaching for herbal teas that do not contain any caffeine is a great alternative with lots of added health benefits, too. Come take a look!


Best Trick to Make All Your Food Taste Fantastic

What's the best way, the simplest way and and smartest way to make everything you prepare and eat at home taste delicious?

Finding and preparing your meals with the freshest food.

That's it!  It is "THE SECRET!" 

No special techniques, not even an exotic ingredient in the mix. Just simply the freshest food you can find.

With the exceptions of say certain wines, some cheeses, etc., the fresher the food, the better the taste. And, oh yes, did I mention that most of the time, the freshest food is a lot more nutritious, too?

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8 Ways To Finding Your Freshest Food To Eat Well

So, how do we go about implementing this little trick of finding the freshest food? How can we do our best to get all that fresh goodness in our kitchen and on our plates? I have several suggestions for you to do just that:


Near Future Tools in Breast Cancer Detection & Prevention You Should Know About

Not sure we need a pink ribbon to remind us, women and men alike, the repercussions a diagnosis of breast cancer brings. It is hard to escape that reality when it affects so many.

breast cancer detection and prevention

Women are often reminded to create a check-up plan with their doctors that may include regular testing and healthy lifestyle strategies to do their best to prevent the disease that affects so many. In fact, I wrote about several actions you can take regarding breast cancer prevention a while back that you can find here. But, I would like to bring some attention to some potentially exciting new advancements that can make that check up plan a bit easier in the near future, and certainly less invasive and painful as well as more informative, too.  Have you heard of any of these that can possibly help you with that?

New Strategies to Consider For Your Breast Health Plan

No one-way method of breast examination alone can serve all patients all the time, and research tells us that early detection can play a large role in survival rates of breast cancer. Mammogram, breast MRI and now 3D mammogram all provide critical information, but perhaps these additional tests discussed below could be something to consider and to talk over with your doctor very soon for your breast health plan:


Can Fitness Trackers Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Definitely not a gadget person. In fact, I enjoy eliminating as much stuff as I can and keep to the basics.  But, these fitness trackers I see adorning everyone's wrists - from pro-athletes to soccer moms - have me a bit intrigued.  Gadgets or not, those trackers may be on to something and this study says they can be helpful in achieving exercise goals - at least for some. Maybe even you!

fitness trackers pros and cons

What Fitness Trackers Can Do For You

The fitness trackers (and there are many, many types with more being introduced every month) quantify your workouts and movements as well as other behaviors in an all-encompassing way.  They proclaim they can track calories burned, how many steps you take, how many minutes you sit without getting up, how restful your sleep is and more. But, here are some other larger scale advantages they may have besides charting your every move:


One Puzzle Piece to Staying Slim & Trim

Portion control . . . or I like to call it portion patrol . . . can play a big part of the puzzle in successfully losing and keeping your weight to where it should hover.  Not sure about you, but many tend to over estimate what a serving actually is which can possibly lead to extra calories and tipping the scale not in your favor.  So, have you ever really checked what constitutes a serving of some of the foods you typically eat every week? Come along and solve the puzzle! It really won't take long and you'll be glad you did!
portion size for weight control

How to Keep Trim With Portion Control

Making healthy food choices are critical but just how much you pile on your plate plays a key role, too, in weight management. And, we certainly can't rely on what restaurants serve you as the correct portion size! Find these strategies below to teaching yourself just what a real serving is and be on your way to making the rounds of portion patrol:


Do You Make These Dried Fruit Snacking Mistakes?

Tell me, do you pick out those fruity bits in trail mix concerned over calories or don't give it a second thought and dig around for them as they are your favorite part of the ensemble?  Dried fruit does offer access to vitamins, minerals and fiber, after all, and consuming it, studies show, is associated with higher nutrient intake and less obesity. So why all the push back on dried fruit? Why such a bad rap?

Snack wisely and follow these 3 easy guidelines to eating a variety of delicious dried fruit to up your immunity, increase your fiber and lots more! (TheHealthMinded.com) #heatlh

Despite the calorie concerns, I say, you really can keep dried fruit around and dig in. Look below for a few reasons why you should as well as a simple little strategy to keep dried fruit in your diet and how to do it right.


Health Plans: 39 Surefire Ways To Be A More Interesting Person

 This is a part of a monthly column, Health Plans, to help you become an organized ninja when it comes to your health.  I write once a month on a different area of your life to help you get and stay organized for your best health. Please check out other months' plans, too, and come along with us to become your organized healthy self.

Day in, day out doing the "same old, same old" can get, well, . . . same old. So, if life lately is about as exciting as watching paint dry or even watching your grass grow, there is plenty you can do about that. Even a small introduction of something or someone new can stimulate your life enough to shift it into the expansive one that you want to lead.

Don't let your life get ho-hum! 39 surefire ideas to bring some excitement, grow as a person and exapnd your life! (TheHealthMinded.com) #health

Of course, everyone is different when it comes to just how stimulating and interesting you want your life to be to feel your best. For example, productivity at work settings can really vary for people. Some relish an open layout with co-workers buzzing about throwing around ideas, but others find a quiet office induces their highest level of creativity. Where you fall on the spectrum of introversion versus extroversion does not necessarily define your desire for stimulation, though, as introverts may find books or an activity with one or two just as fulfilling as a room full of people to talk to that an extrovert may find more to his or her liking.


Health News: The Latest Skinny (May 2015)

Stay up-to-date on the latest health news with these great links! Find an easy way to prevent skin cancer, why exactly you should cut down on sugar, help others quit smoking and even thicken your hair -- all to improve to your health! (TheHealthMinded.com) #health

Learn an interesting technique to help someone stop smoking, how to easily reduce your chances of skin cancer, an excellent reason to cut down on sugar and even a strange way to improve your hairline -- all collected here for you this month with May's Health News!

Links For Your Health

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