Health News: The Latest Skinny (March 2015)

Learn the latest health news, medical studies and interesting cooking tips that could affect you and your family. (The Health-Minded.com) #health #news

Time for this month's Health News: Get the Skinny. Come along to check out how this month's round-up of the latest health news can help you, a friend, family member, colleague . . .  or anyone
you care about . . . lead a healthier life!

Links For Your Health

Give a tap on the bold green link to take you to some fascinating medical research, interesting cooking tips and food choices as well as other healthy bits:

1.  All apples (please keep 'em organic, if possible) make a great healthy choice! But, reach for the green apples if weight gain is a concern, according to this study.

2.  This could have a significant impact!  Medical research may be possible with a simple tap and click!  What a genius use of an app.


How to Create Your Strongest Relationships In One Easy Step

How to create your strongest relationships in one easy step and enjoy deeper connections. (The HealthMinded.com) #relationships

Do you feel the strength of your personal relationships has a lot to do with your well-being? I am pretty sure most would nod in agreement to that! After all, those relationships are our life line! Where would we be without those special people we share our life with?

Those relationships do require tending, though, and communication is key to having good quality ones. Healthy, meaningful relationships play a huge part in living a healthy lifestyle, so, lets put in the effort and do a little self-check to see if we are doing our best when communicating with those important people in our lives, shall we?

Being a good communicator is more about being a good listener than anything else, I think.  If you have that down, you are more than halfway there to being a great communicator and enjoying stronger relationships and better health (study here).  And, besides, there are few things that illustrate how much you care about someone than when you take the time to listen to him or her -- really listen, that is. 


5 Healthy Spoonfuls I Eat Every Day

We seem to always have a shortage of spoons at our house. They walked off with all those packed lunches, I suppose. But, nonetheless, a spoon is something I seem to always be reaching for.  And as I was digging around for one yesterday, it occurred to me that there are five spoonfuls of food I reach for every day.

Take 5 spoonfuls of these foods each day for better health! (The Health-Minded.com) #health

It is those healthy spoonfuls that we take daily or almost daily that can have big affects on our health. Some of the bigger "healthy spoonfuls" that come to mind like regular exercise, healthy food choices, and stress management are certainly key to maintaining good health.  But, even those small measures, that may seem hardly significant at the time, that we do or not do, count too . . . and, sometimes, a whole lot!


Start a Health Challenge and Turn Your Self-Improvement Into Global Improvement (For Free!)

Turn your self-improvement into global improvement with free health challenges to get you fit in body, mind and spirit (The Health-Minded.com) #health

Be Better. I like the sound of that. Simple. To the point. Inspiring. And, so empowering. It is the name of a movement as well as a 52 week health challenge that addresses both your physical and mental health while simultaneously raising funds for various charities. Gotta love that!

The Be Better CEO and UCLA masters graduate, Aly Simons, contacted me recently in hopes of spreading the word of her worthy efforts. It is exactly the kind of thing that The Health-Minded likes to encourage because a healthy lifestyle does encompass your body, mind and spirit and is a whole lot about improving your daily habits. And, this challenge, this movement will help you adopt some pretty healthy ones rather easily.

I have a brief interview for you today with Aly that I think will warm your heart and pump it up at the same time! I wanted to let her tell us in her own words exactly what she is doing here, her goals with the movement, how it can help you and others -- you know, just in case you want to jump in and "Be Better," too.

(And, did I mention there is a big freebie at the end of this post should you decide to turn your self-improvement into global improvement as well?)


Balance Your Health With Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation

Balance your life and health with meditation, yoga, tai chi or qigong. Here is a bit about each and how to get started! (The Health-Minded.com) #health #yoga #meditation

Perhaps much like the folktale of the tortoise and the hare, it is the slow, steady movement that may help win the race or at least keep you in the running. I am not suggesting to throw in the towel on your regular aerobic, sweat-producing exercise regimen - certainly not! But, some studies are showing the gentle movements in several techniques like yoga and tai chi or even no movement at all like in meditation can have huge positive impacts for our health, too.

Meditation, tai chi, qigong and yoga have both psychological and physical health benefits that may offer a nice balance and be equally as important as rigorous exercise. Conducted in nine countries, the study reviewed these four techniques and saw measurable reduction in inflammation measures of participants - a very good thing! Another study shows these techniques also produced immediate changes in the expression of genes involved in immune function, our metabolism and insulin secretion. I was intrigued so looked into these four techniques a bit more. Come take a look!


Stress-Reducing Tools To Help You Get It All Done

Try these almost free, easy to use tools to help you lessen stress, be more productive and free up your time. (The Health-Minded.com) #productivity #organization

We all know too much stress can play havoc with our health. But, it is pretty much impossible to live life fully and avoid it entirely either.  I am all for lessening stress when and where we can as our long list of responsibilities and lifestyle demands can overwhelm indeed!

So. here is one way that may help with that: some simple apps and tools. Let me tell you about a few I use daily that allow me to do this:

  • use my time more efficiently
  • get more done
  • do more for others
  • lessen my worry about forgetting something or letting someone down by my forgetting
  • be more informed

Not bad for three -- almost free -- little tools that are so easy to use.


How to Jazz Up Your Coffee & Tea With Healthy and Tasty Additions

Jazz up your tea and coffee with healthy, tasty additions. (The Health-Minded.com) #health #coffee #tea

I don't want to imagine a world without my morning cup of coffee. I like everything about it - the smell, the taste and even the process of making it. It is a morning ritual for me as I rarely drink it the rest of the day. It's fun to take that ritual and mix it up sometimes, though, and amp up the flavor profile.

I wrote about some studies on coffee's emerging health benefits here.  Coffee tastes great all on its own to me, but I like to make some additions to my java quite often adding even more health benefits wherever I can. It's a cinch and here is how I do it.

And, for the tea drinkers out there (which I am as well), you can add these, too! (And, there are loads of health benefits to tea.  Here are some specifics on those special leaves, too.)


How To Get Your Body Ready For a Healthy Pregnancy

How to best prepare your body for pregnancy and motherhood. (The Health-Minded.com) #health #pregnancy

If you are planning on hearing the pitter-patter of little feet anytime soon, the optimal situation is to be your best, healthiest self before you give life to another. Whether children are on your radar soon or the farthest thing from your mind, if pregnancy is even possible, it is never too early to start preparing your body for it.

Pregnancy or no pregnancy, the actions listed here will certainly make you look better, improve all your numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.), give you energy and help you feel great, too! And, here is an added bonus -- should a pregnancy occur, your body will bounce back so much faster, too, after the baby is here and be in the best shape for motherhood and give your child the brightest chance.

And, if you need further convincing, check out this post on epigenetics to see the powerful effect you and your actions can have on future generations and their health.

Body Prep For A Future Baby 

So, all you future mommies, take note and get your body ready. But always check with your doctor for what is best for you and your situation:


Health Plans/March: Creating an Easily Managed Medical Records System

Lots of easy choices and tips to get your medical records straight for the safety of you and your family. (The Health-Minded.com) #health #family

Note: This is part of a monthly column, Health Plans, to help you become an organized ninja when it comes to your health.  Each month, I cover a different area of your life to help you get and stay organized for your best health. Please check out previous posts, too, (here) and come along with us to become your organized healthy self.

It is with a bit of trepidation that I bring up the topic for this month's health plan as any subject related to paper sorting, I want to run for the hills!  Really. I do.  But, stay with me here. No major hours digging through piles of papers required. Some effort is necessary, though. Getting our medical records in order is so important as it can play a key role in keeping you and your family safe and getting the best outcome should a medical issue arise. (Crossing my fingers it won't, of course!)

Your system can be as simple or as high-tech as you choose. And, remember . . .  once you create a system, it is minor upkeep from here on in. Nice, huh?
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