Food Rules: Simple Guidelines To Eating Healthy

Here is help to keep your healthy eating plan simplified with these easy to remember, practical food guidelines to make your best food choices and meal plans for your family to eat right! Come find easy food rules for healthy eating that may help you feel and look your best.

When one of my daughters was diagnosed with multiple food allergies many years ago, our family became well acquainted with the enormous place food holds.  Food rules.  It dictates a lot.  Even our social lives can be altered as most celebrations are centered around food.

After the news, our lives took a major new focus. There were many extra precautions, extra preparations, so much to learn, many to educate and so many worries!  And, at the time, we may not have known it, but it was the spark plug to a more aware path.  Although the 13 foods she was allergic to and not allowed to eat were ingredients in basically all the other foods on the store shelves, leaving very few easy choices, what seemed like a crisis turned into a catalyst.

It was a time of condensed learning. In fact, it was learning on speed dial because we had no other choice than to scrutinize every food label, teach ourselves to administer needles and teach many others to as well! But, one huge advantage of having to focus so intently on food is that it we became better schooled and certainly more cognizant of the effects food has on our bodies - the good and the not so good.  Thus, food rules,  Yes, it does. It has quite the impact. Come find some simplified rules for healthy eating that resulted from our experience examining food so closely that may help you feel and look your best, too!

 10 Simplified Healthy Eating Rules I Live By

The food we consume is one element to leading a healthy lifestyle.  The information on those food choices can overwhelm, though, does it not? What diets to follow, what foods to stay away from, which ones to include and how to best prepare it.  So, for me, I like to keep it simple and pared down.  I have a few parameters I like to stay within most of the time when it comes to food choices, menu planning and what I keep in our kitchen for the family to eat.  I thought these food guidelines may help you and your family, too:

1.  Eat lots of plants and seeds.

The studies say the same thing - eat a plant based diet and the benefits are numerous:  improved blood pressure, decreased risk of heart disease, lowered cholesterol, better weight control, lower cancer rates, better moods, nicer skin, slower aging, etc. Yes, I want all that! How about you?

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2.  Choose nutrient-dense plants have lots of shades of green and other bright colors and consume a variety of them.

The green in a plant usually indicates chlorophyll - a life sustainer.  The many other colors present in fruits and vegetables indicate the different antioxidant phytochemicals they contain. Many of these chemicals help protect us against various diseases, but each in a different way. So, a variety is key. Each time I shop for vegetables and fruits, I make sure to mix it up from the last time I shopped to ensure a variety is eaten.

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3.  Avoid foods that have sugar listed as the first three ingredients.

I steer away from foods in boxes and cans most of the time, but if I do consume them, if sugar or a form of it is listed early on, then it probably contains a lot of sugar and too much of it.

Here is help to keep your healthy eating plan simplified with these easy to remember, practical food guidelines to make your best food choices and meal plans for your family to eat right! Come find easy food rules for healthy eating that may help you feel and look your best.

4. Do not consume any artificial sweeteners.

 I just stay far, far away from the fake stuff.  More chemicals.  Besides, they give me a headache.  That can't be good.

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5.  Keep it whole.

Half, or more than half actually, of the preservatives in some canned and boxed foods I have no idea how to pronounce or can keep track of the studies on them (as the information on them always seems to change).  Thus, I just stay away from them generally speaking.  Food closest to its most natural state is best.  Our bodies then know what to do with it. I feel a whole (note the pun!) lot better when I eat this way, too!

6.  Eat when hungry and stop when full.

Gluttony,  It is one of the seven sins, after all.

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7.  Enjoy a treat, but make it occasional.

When you decide to indulge, go ahead and enjoy every last bite of it. No guilt, what. so. ever!  But keep it to every now and then.

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8.  Do not eat out too much.

Love to cook; hate the dishes. But if you eat out a lot, you really can't account for everything that is going in your mouth.  If you prepare it, you know what is really there and what went in to make it.

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9.  Go organic.

Some foods have lower levels of pesticide than others, and it is not always possible to find organic foods or afford it.  Further, when eating out, it is really difficult.  But, when you can, choose it.

10.  Do not preach.

By all means, provide a good example to others and share information, if interest is there.  But, if you go too academic on others about food, your wanting to help them has been negated.  You could create a negative impression when you really want to encourage them to eat healthier.  Be gentle, everyone!

For Even More On The Topic . . . 

So, tell me, is my way, your way?  What are your guidelines when it comes to food?  I'd love to know!

How To Create Your Healthiest, Whitest, Most Sparkling Smile!

This post is brought to you by Tom's of Maine. The content and opinions expressed below are that of The Health-Minded.

There is nothing like a warm smile upon meeting someone new. It raises spirits all around - the one giving the smile as well as the one receiving it. But to keep it looking good and actually something to smile about, stepping up your oral hygiene routine could play a crucial role.

It is true that how you care for your teeth and gums can create a sparkling smile that anyone would want to see, but that is certainly not all it can do for you! Your dental routine, or lack of one, may even determine your risk for other serious diseases. Keep reading to see what the latest research is saying on that as well as lots of tips (you may not have heard of) to care for your teeth the best way.

The Link Between Your Oral Hygiene and Potential Cancer,  Heart Disease, and More

It may sound like a far reach to think that how you take care of your teeth and gums could affect cancer or heart disease risk as well as diabetes and other diseases. But, according to some latest studies, it could be so. Here are some of the latest findings on how you choose to take care of your teeth and gums may affect your overall health:

  • Inflammation that starts in the mouth seems to weaken the body’s ability to control blood sugar and play a role in diabetes.

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Easy Health Tip: Best Cooking Oils For Your Kitchen

Don't misunderstand.  I love olive oil like the rest of you!  But, many, many other wonderful and healthy cooking oils abound. And they are just waiting for the pour, the drizzle or the saute to bring great flavor and great health!

Follow below to learn which cooking oils you want to include in your kitchen and why, which oils are best to heat with for important health reasons (and which are not!), which oils have the healthiest fat profile and lots more to help you stock your healthy kitchen the best way!

Learn an easy health tip here about which healthy and delicious cooking oils you want to include in your kitchen and why! Find which ones to stay away from, which oils have the healthiest fat profile and great taste and lots more to help you stock your healthy kitchen the best way!

Top Plan To Ace Your Big Event + Product Discount

Big event soon? Interview, presentation, big party? To make it go smashingly well, follow this plan the night before to stay on your game and be extra alert and sharp to make your big day a surmountable success!

Important client meeting or presentation coming up? Just landed a big interview perhaps? Or, are you hosting a special event anytime soon? Those big days that we really, really want to go smashingly well really do call for a bit of extra effort to show our best side.

A plan to help us stay on our game and be extra alert, present and sharp is in order!  See if a healthy plan like the one below to follow the evening before your big day can help you achieve surmountable success!

Effective and Quick Evening Plan to Get Ready For A Big Event

Feeling calm, yet energized, alert and confident will certainly help you ace your big day. How could it not? Here is an effective plan full of healthy steps to follow the evening before the event as well as some products that can assist you to present your best side the next day and create the roaring success you want and deserve:

1.  Set your alarm 15 - 20 minutes earlier.  

No need to rush about that day! Give yourself a bit of extra time for any hiccups that may occur the next morning and that could potentially frazzle you.

2.  Prepare a breakfast that will make you feel great and support your brain! 

Set up everything the night before to easily assemble a healthy breakfast.  Read on to find some food items to include to make you calm and alert at the same time.

Here are two drinks you may want to consider to prepare for an intense and demanding day when you want to be on top of your game and fast on your feet:
  • Energy drinks are something I steer far away from as many are full of chemicals and stimulants. But, a vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO drink I was sent recently in the form of coffee beans was designed by UCLA trained neuroscientists to boost your brain and improve focus and concentration.  The company claims nutrients in the products are designed to help reduce stress, improve certain cognitive functions and maintain our brain’s health, too. I do love my morning coffee and TruBrain beans are very smooth and not bitter at all! Tap here for more information on TruBrain productivity drink and see if it might be a good choice for you, too. Don't miss the information for a great discount at the end of the post, too.
  • Matcha tea provides a nice steady stream of energy and the intense color will certainly brighten your morning.  Here is how to make matcha tea, but I swirl mine in a smoothie.
  • Protein is important to keep you feeling full and alert all morning! If you are pressed for time, you can easily include protein like a hard boiled egg you make the night before or some plain, organic Greek yogurt with berries and a drizzle of raw honey. Add a generous handful of nuts for a fast, filling breakfast and a healthy dose of fats, too.  Smoothies are a great choice with a tablespoon of healthy nut butter added, as well.
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Big event soon? Interview, presentation, big party? To make it go smashingly well, follow this plan the night before to stay on your game and be extra alert and sharp to make your big day a surmountable success!

3.  Choose a soothing or energizing playlist or radio station.

Depending on what kind of mood you want to instill in yourself the next day, set up a listen to play during your commute to the event as well as at home getting ready. Steer away from news programming.  It is hardly light these days!

Don't miss this:  Music is a great way to improve many aspects of your health. Learn here why music is an easy and fun choice to get healthier. 

4.  Get it together!

Follow these steps to get organized and make the morning go so, so smoothly:
  • It is not a good day to try a new cosmetic or skin routine in case you react adversely.  Keep your beauty routine to the familiar and save any new products for another day.
  • Assemble anything you need to bring along for your big day (including a travel umbrella if rain is called for). Ensure you have needed cash for parking or subway cards.  Slip in an easy, non-stain producing healthy snack to pack and some water to bring along.

5.  Tape a positive message or affirmation to your bathroom mirror for the big day! 

Let that positive message be one of the first things you see when you awaken!  The next morning, say it aloud. let it sink in and bath in positivity!

6.  Create a good night's rest with these steps:

  • Skip the alcohol the day before as it can disrupt your sleep later.  Instead hydrate really well to avoid dehydration and sleep disturbances because of it.  
  • Do not partake in any big decision making or conversations the night before your big day as they could affect your sleep.  Tell your family and friends to please shelve any inquiries or problem-solving, if possible, to after the event when you are celebrating your amazing success. 
  • Do not use sleeping aids.  They can make you groggy the next day - not what you want on your big day! Instead consider an herbal pillow spray like this one that I love that soothes you to sleep and has no side effects.
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7.  Consider meditation or prayer.

Meditation and prayer can clear your mind and help you dig deeper to find purpose in the next day's event.  You may want to repeat this in the morning, too!


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For Even More On The Topic . . .

Do you follow any special routines or use certain products the night before your big or special days? Please add your ideas in the comments.

Get Your Best Allergy Relief Without Any Pills

Before you pop another allergy pill to relieve those allergy symptoms, come take a look at these effective, non-pill solutions for seasonal allergies without the many uncomfortable (and maybe even dangerous) side effects the pills can carry to feel better quickly!

Spring is in the air!  But, um . . . so is the pollen.  I have not been a big sufferer of spring or fall allergies (except for it affecting my eyes) but I live with those who have suffered greatly.  And, I can see first-hand how life can come to a screeching halt once those pollen counts soar!

So before you reach for the pills or succumb to weekly allergy shots to relieve those allergy symptoms, please, come take a look at some of these non-pill solutions for seasonal allergies that we have found that work at our house without any of those undesirable side effects the pills can carry.

Side Effects of Antihistamines and Allergy Medications

You can certainly reach for the pill bottles and for some, their allergies are so severe, it is the only remedy that helps.  Some of those pills do have side effects like these, however:

  • Faster heart rate
  • Complications with other medications for high blood pressure, antibiotics or others
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and maybe even vomiting
  • Restlessness or moodiness (in some children)
  • Trouble urinating or not being able to urinate
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Itchy skin
  • Ringing in the ears

Before you pop another allergy pill to relieve those allergy symptoms, come take a look at these effective, non-pill solutions for seasonal allergies without the many uncomfortable (and maybe even dangerous) side effects the pills can carry to feel better quickly!

Turn Your Commute Time Into A Healthy Advantage

Turn your daily commute into a  valuable, healthy and productive part of your day! Let it be a time to work on your life OUTSIDE of work and actually make it better! Tap here for great ideas to improve your life and maybe even see your commute as an incredible advantage!

Where I live in the Washington D.C. area, many of my neighbors, friends, family as well as myself have, at one time or another, had a long commute to work. Those long commutes can certainly add up and take a chunk of your personal time and cause frustration and stress. But, I am here to throw out some ideas on how to make better use of that time whether you commute by car, train, bus or the sidewalk . . .  or a combination of them all!

Your time is precious so why not use those commuting minutes that can turn into hours in a more healthy and productive way to work for your life outside of work, too . . and actually make it better! See if any of these ideas can work for you to change the mindset on your commute and maybe even see it as a really large advantage!

How To Make Your Commute Something You Actually Look Forward To

Some of these suggestions below are only conducive to public transportation and some could only apply to a commute by car.  But, depending on your method of transportation, use that time for you and begin to think of that commute time in a different way to make your life much better. I have linked to a few favorite products that are of great value I think you may want to check out:

1.  Clear your head, get your blood pumping and do your heart some good!

Fill your lungs with fresh air and get off the train 20 minutes ahead and walk the rest of the way. That's 40 minutes of walking each day.  Even 10 minutes each way - that is 20 minutes towards your 10,000 steps each day.  Think of the fresh glow you will have when you arrive to work and how much more alert you will be! Or, perhaps you can commute by bicycle every day or some days and get your workout for the day completed!

2. Catch up with those you care about and be a great friend.

Tap into your friends and family's social media accounts, comment and stay in touch. Send at least one email a week to a friend or family member and let them know you are thinking of them.  Send them an article you think they would like, a photo or even reminisce about a memory you shared.  They will love to hear from you! If you are alone, give them a quick call.

Don't miss this:  Here are practical ideas of how to design a great social life that fits you best, enhances your life and is so good for your health.

3.  Create some work buddies.

Friends at your office can really make your work life more fun and more successful. So, make some pals! Perhaps a carpool could work to share costs and to get to know your work mates better and make it a more enjoyable spot to be.

Make your daily commute into a  valuable, healthy and productive time for you to work on your life OUTSIDE of work and actually make it better! Tap here for great ideas to improve your life and maybe even see your commute as an incredible advantage!

4.  Become (more) brilliant.

Think of how much you can learn by easily downloading and reading all those great articles and books on your list!.  E-Readers like these are so great for commutes as they are light, glare-free and perfect to slip in a tote bag to instantly elevate your commute to YOU time!  A few of my family members love theirs and use them all the time.

You may want to create a basket like I have that I toss magazine articles or things I want to read at a later time that I can grab from when I am anticipating a wait somewhere. Choose a few each week to read during your commute.

Or, create a list of podcasts or audiobooks you can punch in your cell phone.  It is amazing what you can learn through those and many are so inspiring.  You will come home so much smarter and even in a better mood! Your family will appreciate that!

Don't miss this: Here are some TED talks I think are worthwhile!

5.  Eat a healthy, energy-making breakfast.

Let that commute get your body ready for the day ahead with a nutrient-dense, superfood breakfast to fuel your energy all morning.  A healthy smoothie, juice or a wrap are great options and easy to eat one-handed.

Don't miss this: Here are some delicious and energy-boosting ideas of what to toss in your smoothie. 

6.  Make healthy dinners all week.

Well, not exactly . . . but you can pick Fridays' commute time to meal plan for the following week. Tap into Pinterest for great healthy meal ideas.  Make your grocery list, too, and when you are running out over the weekend, you can pick up what you need and start Monday off incredibly organized and stress-free as all those time-saving, healthy meals are all planned out for the entire week and make dinner time so much smoother and healthier!

Don't miss this:  Try my strategy and make this quick, healthy sauce that creates different dinners almost by itself for the whole week.

7.  Refresh.

Being productive is great, but perhaps the thing you need the most is some downtime.  Just close your eyes and chill out.  Daydream and get some R and R during your commute time (not if you are driving of course!).

Don't miss this:  Here are some other really important ways to take care of those peeps!

8.  Show gratitude.

There must be someone you need to thank that has helped you or your child or someone in your circle recently.  Tell them.  Shoot a text, make a quick call, write an email or stash some inexpensive but cheerful stationary like this and a few stamps in your briefcase so that you can write a quick note of thanks when you think of it. Drop it in the mail before you hit home.

So, you can see, those commutes can really work to your advantage!  It can allow you to become more well-read, smarter, organized, better-fed, a good friend, in better shape and more!

For Even More On The Topic . . .

What do you do on your commute time that has benefited you? I'd love to hear.

How to Create Great Day Hikes With Your Kids

Time together as a family while breathing fresh air and exercising your mind, body and spirit -- all of it can be achieved with a family day hike.  It is a fantastic way to experience nature, connect as a group and, with a wee bit of planning, it can turn into a favorite way to get off the couch!

Keep reading to see how taking a simple day hike can benefit your family in so many ways and don't miss these secret tips to make it go very smoothly to create a great memory for your family as well.

Discover 7 Blood Tests You May Need To Look And Feel Better

Those annual blood tests give us critical clues on the state of our health! Here are 7 other tests you may not be aware of that dig a little deeper and that could really benefit you and your family so that you can take actions to feel and look better, improve your health or even prevent serious disease!
Not a fan of doctor visits and especially the needles that can sometimes go along with those doctor visits? I certainly get that, but until another way to peek at our blood is discovered, I am afraid there is no other way to get such a clear picture of what is going on in our bodies than a blood test that does require . . . a needle.

But that pinch we feel at a blood draw is so worth it! After all, our blood holds an immense amount of clues and signs that you don't want to miss out on so that you can take actions to improve your health, feel and look better or even prevent serious disease!

The doctor I see regularly orders a rather thorough annual blood work-up, and from my reading and research, many other doctors are regularly ordering more specific blood tests, too.  Come take a look and see if you may want to ask your health care provider if any of these tests listed here might be a good idea for you and your family members as well.

Create Delicious, Healthy Dinners All Week In Record Time

Crazy, busy days? You still have to eat! Try this healthy dinner strategy that takes one quick, healthy sauce to make 5 different 20-minute healthy dinners all week that your family will love and you feel good about serving!
Raise your hand if you like quick, easy solutions! Yes, I thought so. My hand is up, too! But, how about quick, easy, and effective solutions? Even better!

This healthy dinner strategy hits all those requirements for you with a quick and healthy vegetarian sauce that will make five different 20-minute dinners that are tasty and full of goodness.  If you have a busy week coming up but still have mouths to feed, including your own, and don't want to succumb to take-out, let me help.

Come see how simple it is, but first, a bit on why this sauce is so special!