Healthy Eating Tricks Every Mom Should Know

Make healthy eating the norm at your house! Check out these 15 easy and smart healthy eating tricks every parent can use to make healthy family meals and eating a whole lot easier as well as successful!
Getting your family to make healthy food choices or stick to even a tiny semblance of a healthy eating plan - well, that that can be down right exacerbating to many Moms and Dads!  Could it be that you have heard someone at your house utter one of these recently . . . or maybe even said this to yourself?

  • "Those vegetables are mushy and taste bad!'
  • "My friends don't have to eat this!"
  • "Preparing healthy foods to eat takes so much thought."
  • "It is just easier to go through the drive-thru."
  • "It is so expensive to eat healthier!"

Okay, so there are few small elements of truth in some of those claims.  But, allow me to assist with a few healthy tricks to help you create some magical healthy eating at your house without too much civil unrest! So. keep reading to steer around some of those obstacles and make eating right and family meal planning a whole lot easier as well as a whole lot more successful at your house, too!

9 Health Books To Help You Heal Naturally, Eat Well And Boost Your Energy

Tap here for 9 books that could actually change your life! Learn the secrets from top doctors, chefs, naturopaths, researchers and more to make your healthy lifestyle a true success!

I love to slip away, find a quiet spot and bury my nose (and my brain!) into a good book.  And, some of the books, being of the health-minded that I am, are, naturally . . . health related.  I thought I would share some of my favorite health books (as well as some others on my list I want to read) that you may want to crack open and pour over to learn a lot, too.  The writers are the real deal - doctors, chefs, naturopaths, researchers and more, and a few of these wellness books might even be considered healthy living classics. Come take a look and see which health book you may want to read first!

How to Find The Perfect Health Coach + Free Book!

Free advice here from an award-winning health coach on living healthy, losing weight, health coaching and much more! Enter to win her FREE BOOK, too!
It gets rather noisy out there sometimes! New diets shouting its merits as the key to optimal health and weight loss, fitness programs crying out big promises, too. And, let's not forget all the news chatter on nutrition, sleep, stress and more. All the information can, at times, immobilize rather than energize us to make wise choices for our health.

Here at The Health-Minded, my aim is to help filter "the noise" for you and illuminate an organized path to wellness.  And, part of shining that light is bringing you health experts that can help you design that healthy path for yourself.  Alas!  Today, I have the great pleasure of bringing you Marissa Vicario, a passionate, award-winning health coach and author of the new book, "Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-Judgment."

Come hear Marissa's sound advice on living healthy, fad dieting, health coaching and much more! And if you have ever considered working with a health coach, she can certainly give you all the top tips to find a great health coach that can work just for you! And, please don't forget to enter the drawing to win a copy of her just-released book that offers a clear guide to creating your best health.

Healthy Drinks To Quickly Boost Your Mood and Energy

Check out these 6 delicious, super-healthy energy drink recipes to boost your mood and your energy that you can whip up in no time!

Did you spring out of bed this morning with energy to spare? Or, did you wake up in a bit of a funk for no reason at all? I do hope the former, but for those days when you seem to have lost your spark and you're experiencing a low-energy day or two (We have all been there!), please . . . lean in!

Studies show those canned energy drinks can create havoc for your heart and are a risky choice to get through your busy day! But, let me share with you a few tools I use for a natural energy boost to help lift me out of those low-energy days and or when I am having a hard time finding my smile.  Scan on down for a few healthy tricks you can throw in your blender to whip up a good mood and more energy in no time at all!

Travel Tips To Pack Light With Ease Every Time

Love to travel, hate to pack? Check out these packing tips, videos and health and beauty packing multitaskers you must consider for your next travel adventure to save time, money and room in your suitcase!
I despise packing for a trip.  To be precise, I despise it immensely.  I loathe every last detail so much I am ashamed to admit, a few times, I considered canceling my trip just because I didn't want to pack for it. And if you knew how much I enjoy seeing new places and how I feel it is part of living a healthy lifestyle, you would understand it's an issue!

And, to make it even more tragic, I think I passed my "hate packing gene" to one of my daughters. One time before we left for a trip when we had an early flight to catch, I opened her bedroom door to remind her of the time. There, I found her throwing her entire closet in a suitcase just because - you guessed it - she hates to pack and had procrastinated and left the packing task to the very last possible moment!

So, if you are in the "despise packing camp" like me and my daughter, I have a packing strategy to make it a little more bearable. Come see how I lessen the pain with a few travel multitaskers, a bag I always have packed ready-to-go as well as lots of packing hints from other travel masters that could help you, too! And, of course, I do hope you will add your packing and travel ideas in the comments as well!

Secrets To Create Great Abs and Amazing Health

Stressing over the number on the weight scale? Well, get this! That number actually may not be as important to your health than the size of your tummy! Yes, studies say even skinny people with a BMI (body mass index) in the normal range could still be in the red zone, depending on the shape of their mid-section.

You see, the fat that lies just below your skin (not that we want to, but the kind you can grab with your hands) is called subcutaneous fat. In your belly, it’s called visceral fat because it builds up in the spaces between and around your viscera -- internal organs like your stomach and intestines. And, fat build up there -- not a good thing!  Keep reading to find out why that is so and find some exact steps to take to get rid of it that don't just involve exercise and diet.

Host Your Best Barbecue . . . the Healthy Way!

Before you fire up your grill, learn here the easy steps to take to wipe away cancer-causing, toxic compounds that can form on your food when you grill.  Get healthy recipes and top grilling tools to host your next barbecue -- the healthy way!

Fire up the grill, get those coals glowing. gather around the Barbie.  It is a favorite summer activity for many cultures -- grilling with friends and family!  There are endless cookbooks and even numerous TV competitions dedicated to this method of cooking.  But the TV hosts don’t mention that many studies have discovered cancer-causing compounds can be created when grilling those foods.

I certainly do not want to throw water on a favorite social past time and I don't plan to! Instead,  I have for you a few small measures you can take to counteract what science has been telling us about the bad effects of grilling our foods. Come take a look and get on with hosting your best barbecue -- the healthy way!

Top Expert Tips And Tools To Clean Your Air Indoors And Out

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and everyone is smiling! Nothing beats time outdoors on a perfect weather day. It is spirit lifting at its very best! But, not to add a bit of, well . . .  rain to the equation, the air we breathe during those spirit-enhancing outdoor pursuits can sometimes, depending on where you are, not be so health-promoting! And, that goes for the indoor air we breathe too! But, let me assure you, there are easy solutions to help out. Read further for great tips to do today to counteract this issue from an innovative air quality expert.

Food Rules: Simple Guidelines To Eating Healthy

Here is help to keep your healthy eating plan simplified with these easy to remember, practical food guidelines to make your best food choices and meal plans for your family to eat right! Come find easy food rules for healthy eating that may help you feel and look your best.

When one of my daughters was diagnosed with multiple food allergies many years ago, our family became well acquainted with the enormous place food holds.  Food rules.  It dictates a lot.  Even our social lives can be altered as most celebrations are centered around food.

After the news, our lives took a major new focus. There were many extra precautions, extra preparations, so much to learn, many to educate and so many worries!  And, at the time, we may not have known it, but it was the spark plug to a more aware path.  Although the 13 foods she was allergic to and not allowed to eat were ingredients in basically all the other foods on the store shelves, leaving very few easy choices, what seemed like a crisis turned into a catalyst.

It was a time of condensed learning. In fact, it was learning on speed dial because we had no other choice than to scrutinize every food label, teach ourselves to administer needles and teach many others to as well! But, one huge advantage of having to focus so intently on food is that it we became better schooled and certainly more cognizant of the effects food has on our bodies - the good and the not so good.  Thus, food rules,  Yes, it does. It has quite the impact. Come find some simplified rules for healthy eating that resulted from our experience examining food so closely that may help you feel and look your best, too!

 10 Simplified Healthy Eating Rules I Live By

The food we consume is one element to leading a healthy lifestyle.  The information on those food choices can overwhelm, though, does it not? What diets to follow, what foods to stay away from, which ones to include and how to best prepare it.  So, for me, I like to keep it simple and pared down.  I have a few parameters I like to stay within most of the time when it comes to food choices, menu planning and what I keep in our kitchen for the family to eat.  I thought these food guidelines may help you and your family, too:

1.  Eat lots of plants and seeds.

The studies say the same thing - eat a plant based diet and the benefits are numerous:  improved blood pressure, decreased risk of heart disease, lowered cholesterol, better weight control, lower cancer rates, better moods, nicer skin, slower aging, etc. Yes, I want all that! How about you?

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2.  Choose nutrient-dense plants have lots of shades of green and other bright colors and consume a variety of them.

The green in a plant usually indicates chlorophyll - a life sustainer.  The many other colors present in fruits and vegetables indicate the different antioxidant phytochemicals they contain. Many of these chemicals help protect us against various diseases, but each in a different way. So, a variety is key. Each time I shop for vegetables and fruits, I make sure to mix it up from the last time I shopped to ensure a variety is eaten.

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3.  Avoid foods that have sugar listed as the first three ingredients.

I steer away from foods in boxes and cans most of the time, but if I do consume them, if sugar or a form of it is listed early on, then it probably contains a lot of sugar and too much of it.

Here is help to keep your healthy eating plan simplified with these easy to remember, practical food guidelines to make your best food choices and meal plans for your family to eat right! Come find easy food rules for healthy eating that may help you feel and look your best.

4. Do not consume any artificial sweeteners.

 I just stay far, far away from the fake stuff.  More chemicals.  Besides, they give me a headache.  That can't be good.

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5.  Keep it whole.

Half, or more than half actually, of the preservatives in some canned and boxed foods I have no idea how to pronounce or can keep track of the studies on them (as the information on them always seems to change).  Thus, I just stay away from them generally speaking.  Food closest to its most natural state is best.  Our bodies then know what to do with it. I feel a whole (note the pun!) lot better when I eat this way, too!

6.  Eat when hungry and stop when full.

Gluttony,  It is one of the seven sins, after all.

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7.  Enjoy a treat, but make it occasional.

When you decide to indulge, go ahead and enjoy every last bite of it. No guilt, what. so. ever!  But keep it to every now and then.

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8.  Do not eat out too much.

Love to cook; hate the dishes. But if you eat out a lot, you really can't account for everything that is going in your mouth.  If you prepare it, you know what is really there and what went in to make it.

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9.  Go organic.

Some foods have lower levels of pesticide than others, and it is not always possible to find organic foods or afford it.  Further, when eating out, it is really difficult.  But, when you can, choose it.

10.  Do not preach.

By all means, provide a good example to others and share information, if interest is there.  But, if you go too academic on others about food, your wanting to help them has been negated.  You could create a negative impression when you really want to encourage them to eat healthier.  Be gentle, everyone!

For Even More On The Topic . . . 

So, tell me, is my way, your way?  What are your guidelines when it comes to food?  I'd love to know!