My Five Top Tools for Feeling Great

To feel our best takes effort, just like looking our best and acting our best and, well, being our best.  There are no short cuts.  It takes thought, discipline and intention.  

But, there are ways to make the process easier and a lot more fun! Sometimes, we just need a little encouragement or a little nudge.  There are so many great new ideas on how to achieve our best, information on what really works and why and loads of products designed by brilliant and creative types every day aiming to fill our needs in the "being and staying healthy" department.  But, some tools, the most important ones, come straight from our earth - all there for the picking.

Here are a few tools I reach for every day - or at least most days - and here is why:

Sometimes We All Need a Little Help

Left to right, first row, second row:

  1. Heaps of healthy fruits and vegetables:  Go organic if possible, straight from the earth and straight from the local farmers' market and various grocery stores.  Consuming a variety of produce is an important goal and I try to enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as possible.  
  2. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2:  Outdoor exposure, albeit limited, to sunshine is the best way to create vitamin D in our bodies but, sometimes, the weather will not cooperate.  There is growing research on the benefits and need for vitamin K2 as well.  I take this liquid version of vitamin D3 and K2 drops by Thorne Research to reap the benefits of both and the synergistic combiantion of them working together.
  3. My adorable and precious canine:  She is a beautiful Giant Schnauzer that is the love of the household.  She provides never-ending affection, love and laughter and great companionship. She demands exercise and gets us out the door to enjoy the sunshine.  
  4. Blendtec blender.  This creates the smoothest creations - smoothies, soups, pestos and so fast. I can blend in several servings of vegetables and fruits with the use of this great tool.  Worth every penny because these high-powered blenders are pricey! 
  5. Regular exercise.  I try to exercise mostly every day varying the intensity level and type of exercise    I worked this Jillian Michaels 30-day shred dvd into my routine a few times a week to help take off those extra 10 pounds.  It is short in duration, but intense.  Thanks, Jillian!

What about you - what are the tools you reach for daily or frequently to better yourself and your health?  I would love to know!  Please share in the comments and give us the scoop!

I am receiving no monetary benefits to mentioning these products above,  I just use them frequently and like them.