Health Clicks: Feeling the Love

Love it or hate it. It's Valentine's Day. You can give thanks to (or roll your eyes at) the man who started it all: a priest, named Valentine, willing to die for love. Sadly, he was put to death on Feb. 14, 270 AD because he secretly married couples against the will of the emperor.  A brave man! As well as a big believer in love.

Click on the green for a few heart related links to make it skip a beat or at least go a flutter.

1.  These darling girls didn't forget a thing when making their list of a dream boyfriend.

2.  Do you think this story will be made into a Lifetime movie any time soon?  Seriously, this couple is the dearest:  72 years of holding hands.

3.  Here's a fun activity on Valentine's Day - a game or two of hearts.  Here's how with a handy printable, too!

4. Do you want to know how others celebrate this day around the world?

5.  I enjoyed the expressions on the faces of the bystanders who got to see this declaration of love in an airport.

6.  These 10 tips are not only great for heart health but all your other body parts, too!

7.  Here's a concise way of illustrating how to have a happy relationship.  Check out this visual.

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