Health Clicks: Recipe Round-Up: Soups/Stews

Before winter leaves us next month or spring plays tricks on us and allows those low temps to linger,  I thought I'd feature soups and stews for the last month of winter for Recipe Round-Up. Those wonderful one pot meals bring lots of flavor, warmth and nourishment during shorter days and colder nights.  So, before you slip on those flip-flops and open the windows, click on some of these soups and stew recipes from around the web and grab a spoon.

Note: Click on the small and large green type for recipe links as well as other tips.

1.  Grab some fresh greens from the market, open your pantry and this Vegetarian West African Peanut Soup could be looking mighty pretty in a big bowl at your house.

2.  My daughter and I love to get Pho at a local spot where we can get our fill of some girl talk over a big bowl and slurp ourselves silly.  But, why not try it at home with this Vietnamese Pho. (And, here is how to pronounce it.)

3,  Experiencing a stuffy nose these last few weeks of winter? Spicy food can really clear those sinuses! This blogger says her Chinese Szechuan Fish Soup really has a kick.  And, this one comes together quickly.  Gotta love the Omega 3s and all the cancer preventative properties of cabbage in this recipe.

4.  Sweet Potato Vegetarian Chili.  This sounds like a healthy and scrumptious way to avert the chill. We all know sweet potatoes are loaded with so much goodness for us.  But, this chili invites lots of beans and other colorful vegetables to the mix, too. I'd say, go for seconds with not even a smidgen of remorse.

5.  Egg drop soup can be a favorite at the Chinese Take-Out but this blogger channels her Italian ancestry to do it.  Yes, this is a recipe for stracciatella alla romana - or egg drop soup the Italian way with added greens and potato.  Grazie mille!

6.  Some curries have a long list of ingredients.  But this Thai inspired one keeps it pretty short. It has good reviews and you can throw in whatever you have in your fridge.

7.  I realize Sloppy Joes could never be considered a soup, but if we loosen up a bit we could consider it a stew.  A stew on a bun, that is. I had to include this one because I really think it sounds yummy and the blogger tells a great story leading up to how she created her Sloppy Chick's Sloppy Joes.

Do you have a favorite soup or stew that has gotten you through the winter?  Please share and give us a link!


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  1. What a delicious round-up! I am so into soups right now, too! African peanut soup ... pho ... sweet potato chili?!?!? Just a whole lotta ways to stay warm and deliciously, healthfully well fed! :D

  2. Yes. It looks like winter is having a hard time leaving quite a few of us right now :) And, nothing like a warm bowl of soup to make it more bearable. Let me know if you have any favs to add to the list.