Health Clicks: Getting Ahead

Health Clicks this go around is all about the noggin.  After all, we can't function much without it.

Going Headfirst

Click on the green links to expand your mind and learn more about how to take care of it:

1.  Maybe those big headed individuals really do have reason to brag.  Or do they?  Does head size have anything to do with brain size?

2.  Don't just consider your waistline when choosing foods.  How about eating well for your brain as well?  Improve your concentration, memory and mood with the right food choices.

3.  Who doesn't want to be smarter?   Only well . . . dummies!  Here are some interesting studies and tips on how to do just that and most of them do not even involve cracking a book.

4.  Some are just blessed with beautiful locks on their heads.  But, then some need some extra help.  After all, have you seen the shampoo aisle lately?  But did you know some essential oils can make those strands shiny and full with no chemicals?

5.  We know how important regular exercise is to maintain good health.  But, let's not forget that crucial organ: our brain.   A big contributor to mental decline is inactivity and a lack of mental exercise. Don't waste another minute and start exercising your brain with some of these apps.

6.  I love libraries.  On all my oldest daughter's college visits, I couldn't wait to check out the university library and compare them.   Which one was more grand than the next?  But look at these places to expand your knowledge I wouldn't even mind studying for finals at one of these.

7.  We all really need to calm our minds down, for multiple reasons. This study just added to the list.  Apparently, meditation can alter gene expression, too.

8.  And, lastly, this one may be a stretch on the "head" theme going here, but, looking AHEAD to spring . . .

It has been a long winter for some and we do not even want to hear these two words anymore:  polar vortex.  But, I just had to show you a last glimpse of what mother nature whipped up this past winter. 

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  1. You always have such fun Health Clicks! Really neat stuff here, but I especially loved link #6’s libraries! My dad was a high school librarian for years and years, and now he and my mom own a bookshop - we are a family that LOVES books - and those libraries are such truly inspired places to enjoy reading and knowledge!!! :D

  2. How neat is that to have a bookstore in the family. I would go in and never come out. :))) Check out this link then for your family of book lovers (or maybe you already have seen it):