Health Clicks: A Show of Hands

Some of us notice someone's eyes when they first meet someone.  Others notice one's hair or height or how that person is dressed.  But me, I notice some of those attributes, too, but I always, always notice someone's hands.  I think those hands? They say a lot.

Join Hands

Click on these green links here in The Health-Minded's monthly Health Clicks and learn a bit more about that intricate body part - your hands.  They just might be telling you something . . . or telling someone else.

1.  Traveling internationally any time soon?  Well, ya better get those hand gestures under control.  You just never know what you might be really saying in another country and it might not be so nice!

2.  I am guessing this could be the single most important health practice to do several times a day. But, do you actually do it? And do it correctly?

3.  Forget hiring a palm reader at your next party!  Learn to do it yourself! So, tell me, what do your lines say?

4.  Don't bite your nails! Besides the germs and unsightly cuticles that causes, those fingernails contain valuable information. Did you know your fingernails can indicate vitamin deficiencies, thyroid health and even your digestion among other things?  Go ahead and give a peek right now for a quick little fingernail analysis.

5.  Of all The Beatles 50 biggest hits, this song about a specific body part came in number 2! The song debuted in 1963.

6.  If you have to give a presentation soon, check this video out on what exactly to do with those hands and how it could help you be a more effective communicator and speaker!

7.  And, ladies? Let's make better choices. Shall we? These are no-nos in your pretty, pretty nail polish!  Let's find other lovely and fun colors that don't list those chemicals like these brands.

8. Speaking of nail polish -- if you or a loved one ever had to go under the knife, did the doc request that you remove your nail polish?  There is a reason for that. Your nails can indicate your oxygen levels and the anesthesiologist will check your nails for oxygen levels while under anesthesia.

So, see what I mean? Those hands can talk, right?  They can say a lot!

hands: photo credit: <a href="">FotoRita [Allstar maniac]</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>


  1. This is so fun (and great tips, too)! My daughter is gonna love learning about palm reading (if she ever wakes up ... first day of summer vacation here ... no kiddos in sight ...)! You always have such fantastic ideas for cool topics! :D

  2. Thanks, Shelley! Good luck to your daughter "reading the lines!" And, happy summer vaca! I remember how thrilling that feeling was waking up to those first days of summer freedom when I was a kid!