Health News: The Latest Skinny (February 2015)

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I gather a monthly array of studies, trends, developments and otherwise newsy stuff . . . all for you! Right here. Each month. For your health.  Let's go see what they are all about.

Links to Your Health

Come take a look at the health bits I have gathered for you for February:

1.  Google is launching a new product to answer the one in 20 internet Searches that are for health-related information What do you think?

2.  I wrote about superbugs here and the danger they pose to every single one of us.  And, I am sad to report here they are creating many dire infections at a west coast hospital.

3.  A simple urinalysis could detect early stage cancer one day all because of a squiggly, curious worm.

4.  I can't pronounce a majority of them, but the Environmental Working Group has been working hard at a new guide on food additives.  You may want to review this guide before your next shopping trip or pantry makeover.

5.  Wondering how you got so smart?  Well, that's very big headed of you!

6.  DId you know congenital heart defects can be seen very early on. Here are some signs to look for in children.

7.  If you live in the US, here are some places you may want to take up residency and join the ranks of the happiest . . . or the least.

8.  If you start your day off with a cup of joe -- or 3 -- and you have female body parts or love those that do, you may like this study.

9.  Apparently, just sitting around has more than its share of drawbacks.

10.  That all-day grazing habit? Hmm . . .you may want to rethink that.

11.  There is hope for those with peanut allergy.

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  1. I thought most of the ingredients in the "Dirty Dozen" were limited to like shower products and the like, I had no idea they were in actual foods! Yikes. I need to check out that superbug article next, my kids have been sick for 2 straight weeks, and me with the flu the past 4 days and no sign of getting better. It's tough for me to know when it's a superbug and I need an antibiotic or just let it run its course!

    1. Please do check out that superbug information. There are things we should all be doing and choices we should be making to help all of us. I am sorry to hear your household is suffering. Hope that improves quickly! (Sick children and a mom at the same time is tough!)

  2. Great round-up, Lori. I think I need to go and read that 'all-day grazing' article. Just sitting here contemplating the leftover dip in my fridge! Resist, Helen, resist ...

    1. Ha! Tough sometimes, I know, Helen! Hope the articles help!

  3. I have been extremely impressed with EWG - I downloaded their app and now use it to evaluate the food I purchase at the grocery store. I really really like them. This is some good information you've gathered. #wowlinkup

  4. It is a great resource -- agree! Thanks for sharing your experience to the topic!