Health News: The Latest Skinny (April 2015)

Get all caught up on the latest health news that I gathered for you this month. With a simple tap or two you can test your eyesight in a fun way, get some safer gardening tips and even hear about some recent fashion make-overs! Yes, I kid you not! They are all related to your health!

Links For Your Health

Click on the bold green link to anything that intrigues you and stay better informed to crafting that healthy life for you and your family:

1.  You really must turn to another way to get rid of the weeds in your yard!

2.  So, are you ever curious about how some of those chefs stay so trim and slim

3.  Stimulation is so important to leading a healthy life! Have a baby in house? You best switch it up to help them learn a whole lot faster!

4.  I wrote about banking your own stems cells last week and here is the latest way using your own stems cells could reverse vision loss perhaps one day soon.

Get caught up on the latest health news! Take a fun eyesight test, find safer gardening methods and get the scoop on the latest gown design -- all related to your health! ( #health

5.  For those of us who suffer with all kinds of allergies, it is good to know plenty are working on various theories as to why we do.

6.  Could it be that a simple sigh could detect a form of cancer?

7.  Here is a fun way to test your eyesight!

8.  I wrote about the potential health benefits of that cup of jo and here is one more possible benefit of coffee that came out recently to add to the list.

9.  This is one gown I never care to sport about.  But, thank goodness the hospital gown is in for a redo!

10.  Here is just how all those clinical trials and generous souls do for all of us and the progression of our health.

11.  As if we need another reason to stay away from food additives, those with tummy troubles, best read this.

12.  We all love to breath in that fresh, country air! But our brains apparently thrive on clean air as well.

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  1. I read a couple of these.. the one about allergies was very interesting and I enjoyed the one about food additives
    .. wow... both very good articles xox

    1. So glad you enjoyed them, Launna! Pretty amazing discoveries taking place, huh? The allergies one is long, I know, but interesting indeed, so had to include it as so many suffer from them. Happy you came by!

  2. I'm eager to read the coffee article and the one about chef's staying so slim. It's silly, but I wonder about that all the time! How can you be a skinny cook?

    1. Yes - that was just a little fun one tucked in there! Have a great weekend, Laura!

  3. Love these round up posts... seriously my fav! <3 -

    1. Good! I love to hear what THM readers like the most!

  4. Very interesting links, Lori. Will click through and read some of them. So, I have to ask ... are you going to bank your own stem cells??

    1. So, so glad you asked, Helen! I am researching that topic for me and my family now. I would like to and wish I had for my children, but it wasn't available then. The cost is an issue and am exploring it now more in depth among many other things. If we go that route, I should do a follow-up post about it! What about you? Would you consider it? Is it a topic in the UK much?