Health News: The Latest Skinny (May 2015)

Learn an interesting technique to help someone stop smoking, how to easily reduce your chances of skin cancer, an excellent reason to cut down on sugar and even a strange way to improve your hairline -- all collected here for you this month with May's Health News!

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1.  An inexpensive and unbelievably easy method to avoid a common form of skin cancer.

Don't miss this:  Foods to eat to help prevent sun damage and skin cancer.

2.  Well, this new treatment for baldness seems rather contradictory.

3.  Bribery may be your last resort to getting your kids to eat their vegetables, but you should consider using it to help smokers to quit. too.

4.  Another reason to breastfeed - it's good for the mothers, too!

Don't miss this:  Other ways to prevent breast cancer.
Stay up-to-date on the latest health news with these great links! Find an easy way to prevent skin cancer, why exactly you should cut down on sugar, help others quit smoking and even thicken your hair -- all to improve to your health! ( #health

5.  Science shows how very rapidly an improvement in diet shows positive effects on our bodies!

6.  Those late night snack creations may do even greater harm than putting on a few unwanted pounds.

7.  Be kind to your liver and cut those sugary-laden foods. Here's exactly why.

8.  The lessen is don't throw away any old, musty, dank notebooks! This recently found one may hold a clue to curing antibiotic resistant infections.

Don't miss this:  Why everyone should care about the superbugs lurking about. 

9.  Here's an example showing the synergy of some herbal treatments with western medicine working well together.

10.  Talk about making something useful out of something no one wants: how an STD is being used to fight cancer.

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  1. I like the information on the breastfeeding... I did this for both my children... I loved the bonding process ♡

    The superbug is scary... I don't handle antibiotics well... so I rarely take them... very interesting article ...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Glad you enjoyed the links here, Launna, and so pleased you tapped on the link to my post on superbugs - everyone really needs to become aware of the impact that can make on all of us!

  2. Wow, and STD being used to fight cancer is interesting.

    1. Yes, and who thought of trying that in the first place! Amazing!

  3. Hi Healthy Minded!
    I am stopping by to let you know that I featured your blog on my Shout Out Saturday blog of May.
    Thank you for sharing so many great posts!

    1. I just left you a comment on your list, Debbie. Thrilled beyond measure! So kind of you and very happy to connect with you.