Health News: The Latest Skinny (June 2015)

Here is the monthly round-up of fun newsy bits for you to catch up on.  (Hopefully under an umbrella on a beach, cool drink by your side, hearing the sounds of the waves in the background - even better!)

Links to Your Health

Give a tap to the green links below for some recent and fascinating health information that could help you or someone in your circle:

1.  I don't want to take the fun out of summer pool time, but these guys may not make a very good swim team member.

2.  Any big social gatherings on the agenda soon? If those events stress you a bit, you may want to start chomping on those pickles and dipping in the yogurt to get your best social self all the ready.

3.  Are you the orderly type? That might be a good thing when it comes to maintaining your blood sugar.

pool, woman with hat, summertime

4.  These kind of cocktails, you just don't want to mix.

5.  Not a numbers person? Neither am I, but we best change that and get familiar with a few for heart health.

6.  Are we getting ahead of ourselves when it comes to this type of weed?

7.  Here is a career tip for you promoting you to keep your eyes closed.

8.  This kind of intelligence is just as important and can create better relationships with others as well as ourselves.

9.  Seeking weight loss?  Here is one aspect more important than exercise.

10.  Too much stress - no good for your health! Try this step-by-step approach to turn it into an advantage.

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  1. I'm to look into the being more orderly... luckily my blood sugar isn't high but I could bring it down more... always good information ♡

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Launna!

  2. I'm going to read the 'stress' and 'maintaining your blood sugar' articles, Lori ... but to be honest they all sound interesting. Great round-up, once again! :-)

    1. Happy to see you, Helen, and to hear you like these round-ups!