Health News: The Latest Skinny (September 2015)

Staying well-informed on the latest health news can really help you reach your goal of living a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of information to sift through though! Allow me to help a bit with that and bring you a monthly round-up of a few health-related links that can help you stay up on it all.

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Be well-informed with useful and fun wellness news to make your health its very best! Great links from how being outdoors helps your children's eyesight, why chocolate is great for your health, and why using natural ways for your pets affects your children's health too.


Click on these great topics (in green) regarding your health that I saved for you this month:

1.  Hello parents! Here's even more reason to encourage our children to experience the great outdoors . . . and to do so often!

Don't miss this:  Here is one of my favorite family outings and tips to do it right.

2.  Chocolate fans, rejoice!  Catch this interview with a Ph.D who has studied its far reaching health benefits that you really must read about (while you are chewing on a square of dark chocolate, of course!)

Don't miss this:  I have a fantastic, yummy recipe for you featuring chocolate in the healthiest of versions.

3.  Can you believe a printer did all this?  It is hard to wrap my mind around the miracle of it and where the future holds for this!

4.  Going dairy-free is sounding better and better.  Here's why.

Don't miss this:  Lifestyle tips to prevent breast cancer.

5.  Like it hot?  All the better according to this study on spicy food.

6.  If you are stressed a bit over some tough decisions to make, perhaps this Google Exec can help lend a hand with that.

Don't miss this: If that isn't enough, check out these other decision making tips, too!

7.  Can the damage of a future heart attack be repaired by a simple patch?

8 Reminders are always good, but here is how to get those attached to their phone to really listen up: text reminders of the healthy kind.

9.  Uh-oh! Health costs are growing.  (But I probably didn't even need to tell you that.)

10.  Going natural with your pets may be a wise move.  Those pest management drugs may affect your children in a very bad way.

Don't miss this:  Here are some ways we care for our beloved four-legged family member at our house to ensure her best health.

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  1. I think this is great, I have been doing everything I can to encourage Valentina to get out and enjoy the outdoors... she is even deciding to walk home from school which is 2 miles, anything is a great start... xox

    1. Impressive to want to walk home these days! Great example and encouragement, Launna.