About THM

Whatever led you here, I am just glad it did!

Because creating and living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important endeavors and best gifts you can award yourself and your family!

I help busy people just like you juggling work and raising families (or soon to be!) design and implement simple routines and smarter, more efficient strategies to optimize their health and that of their family's without having to think about it too hard!

  Perhaps you have a few questions on how this could work for you. Come see if any of these below can clarify things a bit!  And, by the way . . . the last question -- that's for you!

What is The Health-Minded (THM)?

One, big, healthy (of course!) dose of empowerment and know-how -- along with a lot of encouragement -- to firmly place you and your family on the healthy path.
Think you are too busy to make this happen? Or, assuming it's too complicated, overwhelming, time-consuming leaving no room for fun?

Stick around! It does not have to be any of those!

 Let The Health-Minded show you simple, smarter routines and pared-down strategies that will optimize your health without obsessing over it or taking all your time.  It is the small, daily habits I can help you create and well-informed choices that I can show you that create a healthy lifestyle that can make you and your family feel and look great!  You can choose to implement these new ideas little by little or take bigger steps, too, but, please, do not delay!

Let THM illuminate a simplified path to healthy with an array of:

easy swaps and wellness tips
innovative step-by-step healthy how-to's
quick, nourishing recipes that taste great
pared-down health-promoting strategies

clearly and concisely broken down in an:

easy to scan
quick to read
simple to absorb format

 All leading you to much brighter possibilities and a healthy plan for you to implement for you and your family . . .  beginning right now.

 Looking For a Quick Start To A Healthier Lifestyle?

Want to get started . . . like yesterday? Here are five choices below that you could take right now to get started easily and quickly to hop on the healthy path to feel amazing:

1.  Download my free jumpstart healthy plan with three easy steps to take each week (that don't cost a penny!) all laid out for you to see how just easy and achievable leading a healthier lifestyle can start to feel for you and your family.

2.  Choose a few boards on my Pinterest account where I share others' great heath tips, too! There are loads of healthy categories so that you can pinpoint the areas that you want to work on the most!

3.  Tap here to find Top Reads where I have links to popular posts that readers keep coming back to review.  You will see there that leading a healthy lifestyle isn't only about what you put in your mouth and how much you move!

4.  Talk to me! Let me know what you struggle with on getting healthier, ask me a question or just introduce yourself! Use the comment section of the posts or tap the "Get In Touch Here" black box to the left for a handy quick form to reach me by email.

5.  If you are the newsy, scientific type, like me, you might want to follow my Twitter account where I tend to share a lot of the latest compelling health discoveries and studies that just might provide a lead or two for you to discuss with your health-care team to get your best care.


Is There A Doctor In The House?

No M.D. here.  Loads of useful information backed by trusted sources and links provided, though. But remember:  Information on this blog is intended for educational purposes and is not meant to diagnose, prevent or treat health conditions.  By all means, see a qualified health practitioner if you have specific questions about your medical care or history to find out what is best for you!

 So . . . Who Is Behind The Screen? 

Although I don't have the letters M.D. by my name nor am I a health care provider, I am a previous editor and researcher where I apply those skills to researching and sharing my enthusiasm on the subject of anything healthI am an admitted health news junkie because keeping you up-to-date on studies and discoveries is my jam! I am an obsessive list maker (a format I use a lot for you to quickly glean all those healthy bits) and link creator (so many great and trustworthy sources I tap into here).

My obsession partially began when my daughter was diagnosed very young with 13 food allergies. It was the catalyst to reviewing all food items with great care and depth. And, from there, it was my trajectory to pursuing a more healthy and balanced path for me and my family.

If you like, you can read a bit more about how I tick by tapping any of the links below:

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But, really, enough about me! I would so enjoy hearing about YOU, so, if you don't mind, I have a big favor to ask you . . .

Would You Mind, Please?

Please, jump in and add to the conversation here at THM and do so often! Let us know how you and your family stay mindful of your health.  Bare in mind, your experiences could very well help another reader!

I want to know your successes and struggles or what you want to see more of at THM -- or even less! Throw me a question or just say hi! Use the comment section of the posts or tap the "Get In Touch Here" black box to the left to reach me by email.  Or, if you prefer, contact me through my social media accounts. Twitter or Pinterest is where I hang out the most. I am just beginning on Snapchat but it is there that you can get an idea of what being health-minded may look like! I really hope to hear from you and look forward to every bit of that!

All in great health,